Easier Qurban Experience (EQExp) for July Hashnode Hackathon - Part 2

Easier Qurban Experience (EQExp) for July Hashnode Hackathon - Part 2


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Hello, again. Welcome back to my blog.

In a previous article I described the background, tech stacks, and future developments of Easier Qurban Experience, or EQExp for short. Unfortunately, My app for the hackathon is not yet completed. In this article, I will explain the user flows of EQExp.

๐ŸŒŠ User flows of EQExp

1. The user enters the landing page of EQExp and then login with a Gmail account.

Under the hood, EQExp uses the clerk library for login with a Gmail account.

2. If the user is one of the mosque committee, the user registers their mosque.

After a mosque is successfully registered, It will redirect into the mosque dashboard.

3. Users can add citizens surrounding a registered mosque after filling our provided spreadsheet file.

Reading spreadsheet files has been done on the client side, with the help of Web Worker and read-excel-file library to keep the EQExp app performance better.

4. Users can add Qurban events.

Eid Adha happens annually. Every year users should create at least 1 qurban event. The user needs to insert at least the year of the Eid Adha celebration. After that, it will display the Qurban Event dashboard page.

5. Users can add more citizens which only participate in specific qurban events.

In the Qurban Event dashboard, users can reuse previously-stored citizens' data into qurban citizens. Moreover, users also can import data from spreadsheet files like the video demos before.

6. Users register sacrificial animals with participants.

This is the main feature of the EQExp app. Unfortunately, this feature is still under development and it has bugs on the edge of this hackathon. I hope I can continue this app development in the next moment.

๐Ÿ”— Links

Here are the links for EQExp web app development:

Thanks for reading my article. See you next time in another article.