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[Dev Retro 2022] My Reflections as Software Developer in 2022

[Dev Retro 2022] My Reflections as Software Developer in 2022

My achievements and mistakes will be shared here

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·Dec 25, 2022·

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Table of contents

The year 2023 is near and I'm surprised that the time is running so fast. A lot of things happened to me while I think I still just writing code. Without further ado, let's check it out!

Learn new libraries/frameworks for developing apps

Of course, technology for developing apps is changing so fast. The library we use today for developing web apps, for example, maybe will be replaced in the next 2 or 3 years. We should have to improve our skills, too. Especially libraries/frameworks used to develop the apps.

In the previous year, I learn to develop a web app with vite + react, as an alternative to using CRA (Create React App) or nextjs. This year, I learn to develop a web app with astro and svelte. It's challenging for me to learn them because it's an epic moment to learn 2 libraries/frameworks at the same time. I'm also developing react app with ejected CRA, then replacing babel with SWC for faster compile time and fixing decorator metadata issues when using vite.

I'm also learning to develop android apps, too. Initially, my certificate which was achieved through Google Developer Kejar in 2019 will be expired. The Minister of Communication and Information in my country (Indonesia) offer me to join their program called DigiTalent Scholarship Professional Academy (DTS PROA). I'm challenged to learn kotlin programming language to develop android apps. Stay tuned for my next article with more details about my experiences related to developing android apps!

Writing articles again after 5 years

The last time I write an article is in the year 2017 on the medium web app. That article still uses Bahasa instead of English. After that, I can't find the right time and mood to write articles again. I enjoy writing code instead of articles at that time.

This year, I join RWID (Remote Worker Indonesia). My mentor advise me (and also other RWID members) to write articles related to my expertise, as a part of personal branding. I'm still confused and then ask a question myself, should I continue using the medium, or change to DEV.TO, or else? Finally, I found hashnode, hassle-free blogging helping developers, and people in tech share knowledge easily, which is suitable for me. I decided to integrate my subdomain with hashnode.

Learn and apply git cherry-pick in my project

For example, you have a web app with 3 features named features A, B, and C. Sometimes your Project Manager delays delivering feature B into the production server until next announcement, but both features A and C are not delayed in delivery. What would you do when you got an illustration like this?

This is where the git cherry-pick command will be very handy. You need to define the commit hashes related to features A and C, and then insert them after git cherry-pick. Commit hashes related to feature B won't be inserted into the production branch.

Relax before continuing reading...

Hello, is your head is overheating after reading the first half of my article? Sorry for the inconvenience. Before continuing, please get relaxed first, eat some snacks, then read the next part below.

Next parts: Participating in a hackathon

My other milestone is participating in the hackathon. Luckily, hashnode and PlanetScale organized a hackathon back in July 2022. I'm excited to participate in that hackathon. You just need to develop a web app, then share your experiences while developing it through the article, without thinking about marketing strategy or else. I created an open-source web app called Easier Qurban Experience (EQExp). Please click here for more information about the EQExp web app.

Unfortunately, I have bad time management while developing that app. I'm on fire only at the beginning but I've done nothing in the middle. In the last week of July 2022, I have to catch up quickly but unfortunately, I have a technical issue in the end. And of course, My app is not done and I only get the badge for participating in that hackathon. Next time, I should have better time management for the next projects!

Complete assignments in Hacktoberfest

Finally, a mistake I did in a hackathon was not repeated in hacktoberfest. I successfully submit 4 qualified pull requests (PRs) according to the hacktoberfest rule, although I submitted PRs into my GitHub repositories.

I participated in hacktoberfest in 2020, too, but I can't fulfill to submit 4 PRs minimally because of the same mistake, bad time management. I can't participate in hacktoberfest in 2021 because I have a lot of work in my company. I'm very happy to contribute an open source EQExp web app (continue my app after hackathon) and npm library called pasetors-wasm through hacktoberfest, although just a little contribution.

Consider delivering a web app with a smaller CO2 amount per customer visit

I found an interesting web app called, which measures the carbon footprint of your website. That web app show amount of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) produces every time someone visits it. Website carbon web app also shows environmental impacts will occur if your website reaches 10.000 monthly page views per year. It also can detect if the web app you've typed uses green hosting or not.

I'm not an environmental activist, which has time to travel around the world to plant trees. I still don't have an electric vehicle. My country Indonesia still uses fossil fuels to provide electricity. As my little contribution to save the earth, at least I can provide an environment-safe web app. I hope I have enough money to use green hosting, although my country Indonesia doesn't provide it yet.

Last but not least, let's do reflection instead of rumination about what we went so far. Reflection helps you:

  1. educate your future self better,

  2. enables you to think about what you've learned, your mistakes, or what you can do better,

  3. make better decisions in the future,

  4. looking inward for opportunities to learn and improve from it,

  5. and leverage mistakes as growth opportunities.

On the other hand, rumination is focusing on what went wrong and can keep you stuck in the past. When you're focused on the same negative thoughts repeatedly, it will be difficult to move forward.

Those are my reflections, what about your reflections?

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